The Backyard Cider Project

Our friends over at Anoche were in need of a label design for their custom cider called The Backyard Cider Project. To communicate the raw and organic community driven cider, we delivered an interactive label for a cider that is to be shared with friends and loved ones around a table. The front of the label has all the basic pertinent information needed on a cider label, held around the bottle with a simple rubber-band. With an intentional small-run, craft feeling, the consumer can then remove the label, unfold it and learn more about the project. On the backside there is a line map of Maine with a list of the regions from where the apples were donated including correlating apple icons on the map.

“The Backyard Cider Project is a celebration of Maine’s community and produce. From over 20 locations around our wonderful state, our amazing community has come together and donated a vast range of apples in all shapes,  sizes and varieties. Our friends over at the Cornish   Cider Company then set their cider crafting wisdom and expertise into motion to create this singular,  authentic Maine cider.”

Enjoy & salud!   -Anoche

• Label Design
• 3D Renderings
• Photography
• Printing

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