NOTE is a tech assisted currency fund, managed by a team experienced in all aspects of the foreign exchange market. NOTE’s founders came to Ratowsky Creative looking for a cohesive identity program to visually reflect the Fund’s unique innovations, modern techniques and refined, established clientele.

• Brand Identity
• Visual Identity System
• Campaign Activation Examples
• Visual Narrative
• Creative Messaging
• Corporate Materials
• Collateral Materials
Steeped in the virtues of classical typography, the NOTE logotype is a modern construction of a style derived from old banknote & bank establishment type systems. For centuries, steelplate engraving allowed letters to become elaborate, detailed confections, giving rise to a style that lives on in the shaded and intricate letters of banknotes and diplomas. Banknotes specifically delved into this style for extra security measures by microprinting images and emblems within the multiple lines of the typography. Due to the fact the company name NOTE is short for banknote, we wanted to construct a logotype that encapsulated the feeling of old banknote and bank establishment fonts while removing the unnecessary abundances, ultimately creating a nostalgic banknote solution born in the modern world for effective everyday application across mediums.
Like the NOTE logotype, for the company symbol it was important to create a strong, modern yet minimal mark for universal application in our current times, which also contains a world of history in its hidden meaning. Throughout the history of global banknote design, in the corners of the notes are hidden, intricate identifiers, emblems, puzzles and messages both for security measures as well as offering subtle nods to national patriotism. We encapsulated the application of these identifiers and deducted the essence into a simple, intentional abstract brand symbol: a solid triangular corner. Beyond the hidden meaning of this mark, there are more obvious & evident translations of the symbol of forward movement, growth, success and results, all of which are incredibly important notions for the company image to convey.

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