Turns Out, We All Judge Books by Their Covers.

We all know the classic saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” 

In essence, this is a truly endearing message. It ushers us to look deeper, to reach beyond aesthetic, to read between the lines. Though in reality, from a consumer standpoint at least, we all judge a book by its cover, and thats actually a good thing. 

Firstly we consume with our eyes and secondarily we discover the content within. Does this mean we are vain and shallow consumers being maliciously directed by visual manipulation? Absolutely not. In fact, the process of brand/audience connection, when designed and developed efficaciously, offers quite a positive emotional experience to the intended audience.

There is a huge amount of subconscious activity that happens behind the scenes when we experience a visual connection on a consumer level. When developed effectively, this visual storytelling silently speaks to our emotions, invoking triggers of either past experiences or a longing for new ones. Certain color systems, illustration techniques, typographical styles, graphic placements, points of interest, image balance and so on, all play an indispensable role in how we connect both with one another and with the products or services that keep our society in motion. Compelling design is what separates your brand from the masses. When a brand’s visual communication is created through empathy driven practices, it will deliver inspiration and highlight variant emotions, in turn guiding the viewers next steps of action.

“When a brand’s visual communication is created through empathy driven practices, it will deliver inspiration and highlight variant emotions, in turn guiding the viewers next steps of action.”

From a designer’s perspective, there is nothing better than accomplishing your client’s goals by effectively connecting with the target audience segment. What most people don’t see is the massive amount of time at the front-end of the creative process spent in research. Good design is always intentional. Every available and forecasted touchpoint is thought out and developed for a reason. That is what makes the difference between a successful brand or campaign launch and one that is lost amongst the competition. In a seemingly endless pool of brand offerings, people really respect solution based, intentional design practices. When design is applied to specifically enhance the experience of the user/viewer and to answer the needs of the participant on a human-first level, something special happens – a positive connection is made. A bond is formed. In this moment, you have gained a loyal brand follower.

All the best companies in the world have grown and progressed by understanding the importance of connecting with their audiences via intentional, empathy driven communications. The truth is, we all judge a book by its cover, sometimes hundreds, if not thousands of times on a daily basis. 

The question is: Does your “cover” communicate effectively to connect with your target audience?

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