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Anoche, meaning ‘Last Night’ in Spanish, perfectly captures the essence of the brand. The intention of the name being in spanish was to pay a small homage to an influence behind the brand, Basque style cider, though the evolution became more so to effectively showcase the FEEL or SOUL of the brand rather than offering a direct representation of what the business is to provide. The name is incredibly alluring & intriguing, leaving the reader wanting more. To read it and speak it is to want it and live it.

The name encapsulates an illusive quality that speaks of untold experiences, it holds secrets, it alludes to an in-the-know place where one only is found by first getting lost. It is provocative in the sense that it provokes a reaction and pulls in the one that does not want to miss out.

The brilliance lies in its simplicity. As with the best of brand names, it is succinct & simple yet ever powerful in its delivery. It is small yet says so much leaving a great deal to the imagination. The name is well balanced, weighted, highly versatile and linguistically flows from the tongue in an effortless manner.


Anoche Logo Lockup

The Anoche  word-mark is about highlighting the balance of refinement & sophistication with freedom & spirit. The word-mark itself is a simple and elegant visual, making it a timeless solution while the form & flow makes it unique & individualistic. The free flowing strokes of the custom typography give the word-mark a beautiful movement that allows the viewer to feel unconfined while the application abilities make it a gracefully versatile solution.

In the branding rollout, the word-mark can be applied as an overlay to convey an intentional feeling or simply stand alone by itself with equal power & grace. Due to its simplicity, it will stand strong on louder, more busy backgrounds catching the eye without having to compete for attention. This versatile solution can be dressed up or down to fit any given situation. It provides an effortlessly cultivated result when applied in a manner such as a gold foil stamp on a solid flat color background or it can boast a more provocative delivery applied over clever true photography or paired with more adventurous, abstract graphics.

The identity solution also plays to the ‘full moon’ of the O to portray a sense of nighttime and intrigue to mirror ethos of the brand name and the spirit of the space. This moon like O combined with the essence of the name & the free flowing qualities of the strokes within the custom typography portray a powerful sense of excitement & freedom.

Anoche’s memorable brand identity provides a timeless solution that will be noticed while standing the test of time throughout the growth of the brand.




Typography Construction

Color System (Primary)

For the Anoche color system we paired the most timeless, powerful & elegant option of black & white with a meticulously selected range of deep & rich secondary supportive swatches. This combination provides the perfect matching of the intrinsic fibers of the brand name, the brand word-mark & the aesthetic of the physical, geographical location.

Portland Maine is known for its dramatic coastline, profound skies, tumultuous weather patterns & rich forests. It is home to a unique, strong hardworking populace that have a deep rooted history, especially on the sea. These elements of Portland’s geographical being & the essence of the local people as well as their history were both considered and deliberated upon while crafting the color palette for Anoche.

The brand color palette has a foundation of deep, emotional tones that create an overall moody yet mysterious & enticing attitude. Oxblood reds, royal blues & emerald greens are paired with pops of gold and laced with simple traces of white, grey & black, composing an inviting marriage between the brand name, word mark, color system, geographical location and populace of Maine.


Color System (Secondary)

Color System (Examples)

Usage Examples

The branding rollout for Anoche can have a myriad of usage applications so long as the emotional delivery is cohesive. The roll-out looks to use the word-mark & subtext as a complete lockup as an overlay on clever true photography, flat block colors from the color system, abstract graphics/art or as a stand alone piece.

The key objective is to carry the essence of the brand throughout the visual deliverables in each case. In the provided usage examples below, each visual has a bit of inherent grit, texture and mood that intentionally carries out through the branding to match all other elements that uphold the visual brand structure. In the case of the Anoche visual identity, nothing is tacked up & perfect. Everything is intentional, smart & refined but in a true-to-life, unconfined manner.


Business Cards