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M-ND designs and activates technology that revolutionizes the way brands and consumers connect with each other. This media company th-nks beyond the box. It is a new k-nd of media. One that makes you sense, feel and experience. One that engages. One that connects to the intended customer.

An industry leading experiential technology company based in New York came to Ratowsky Creative looking for a fresh parent brand to house the different subsidiaries that make up the company as a whole. Ratowsky Creative delivered the complete branding rollout from brand naming to responsive website development to the branding guidelines.

The company was having an issue with public understanding of the current brand and was in need of an impactful and interactive brand identity to speak to their intended client base. Ratowsky Creative answered this need by creating a dynamic brand platform that was indicative of the company's passion and commitment towards forward thinking and innovative technology.


Simplicity was key in creating the M-ND logotype. The structure of the word alone is so strong that an overbearing mark would weaken it. The logotype contains power in its minimalism. It demands a second look. It demands interaction and interpretation. It demands attention. It demands respect. The ability to apply a vast range of visuals in place of the horizontal I gives this option a hugely versatile delivery platform across all mediums.

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