Inspired by classic typography from french fashion houses, jewelry houses and vintage street signage, the Artist and Atelier wordmark holds a refined essence of sophistication while dialing in to the current times through a modernist custom typesetting and construction. This marriage of classic restraint and contemporary form effortlessly delivers a dignified wordmark that reads clearly and allures the viewer into its offering while also paying homage to classic ateliers. Due to the seamless simplicity of the wordmark, the application can be highly versatile across all mediums. In a clean setting standing by itself, or as an overlay on more in-depth images, the visual always withholds its subtlety and timelessness.


As logotypes don’t always read well on all devices at all sizes, we wanted to create a graphic symbol that can stand alone as its own brand identifier or be paired with the Artist and Atelier wordmark in certain instances as a supportive visual ally. We also wanted to tie in a correlation to the Zacobian symbol so there is a subconscious representation and pairing to the viewer.

To achieve this, like the Zacobian symbol, we took the negative space from the two As in Artist and Atelier and then mirrored the mark as a representation of the artist and the atelier reflecting the artist’s soul or essence.

“The atelier is a direct reflection of the artist’s being”

Like the Artist and Atelier wordmark, for the brand symbol it was important to create a strong, modern, yet minimal mark for universal application in our current times. The symbol works perfectly across a myriad of applications to be able to speak to the audience in each intended instance from image-heavy campaign activations, to a simple, small social media application. The symbol comes across as gender neutral, current yet timeless, while also encouraging the viewer to think and see a bit differently.

Thank You!